Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Hide n SEEK

Hide n Seek
In hide and seek as we ran outside as fast as we can and try to find a hiding place because we only had 1 minute left to hide. As I found a hiding spot in the forest, and acted like a tree someone just went in my hiding spot and ruined it. So I ran outside and tried not to get caught and finally I got  into a big tree. As I looked at the two hiders they were looking at someone too. As they looked I saw the seeker walking towards to us. But the two boys ran and escaped from the seeker and I was walking around the tree as he looked. But he was still looking around and a for  few seconds he found nothing as he walked out of the trees and try to find another hider in the field. I was so happy he didn't catch me, as the boy rushed to me breathing fast, in a few seconds the boy just farted awkwardly and I said WAS THAT YOU?... and he said “yeah”. As I laughed and he said to me “Shhh” the seeker is walking towards us, and I looked. She was walking around the edges trying to find someone my heart was boiling but the boy that was beside me got caught I was so nervous!! As he walked to the place where all the hiders got found, suddenly he was looking at me. So the seeker looked at the boy and tried to see what he's looking at, and KAPOW! I got found only if he didn't look at me I could have gotten away, well it was just a game life ain't fair you know.
Hide n seek is a game where you hide or you find. It depends if you became a .hider or seeker, if you hide you try to find a place that is not suspicious and wait till you are the last person if you got caught you go to a place where all the other hiders that got caught. But if you're a seeker your job is just to find the hiders till you find everyone, and that's how to play hide n seek.

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