Sunday, 15 October 2017


Hello guys good people that didn't do anything bad to their dog well did you? I'll talk to you about the
 Naughty thing I've done to my dog in Philippines 

Well have you ever done something naughty or really naughty or over 9000 naughty!!!, to your dog well I have and I'll tell you what happened...
I last I went in my grandmother's house 3 years ago because I went to visit my cousin and my cute little dog. He's  just a little dog, only 2 years old, but fatter. When my cousins were doing drama and a role play thingy in the living room and, I was sitting on the couch watching them do this silly stuff. I was bored. A but in a few minutes I had a little ... naughty plan *evil face*. I said to my 3 cousins “Who wants to feed my dog Tubby *I coughed and said poop with a evil smile I smirked*. While I was having evil thoughts. They just stared at me and I said to them “anyways come follow me”. They said “where are we gonna get the food”. I said to them, “from that pile of chocolate, *I cross my fingers hide behind my back that they think they can trust me, I laugh so evil*. By the way we were like 6 7 and 8 years old in that day, anyways the story let's continue. They said okay. So I started putting the poop in my dog's bowl, and I said put the water in the bowl, and I picked a huge leaf to carry the large poop into my dog's bowl. They said is that a chocolate and I said.. yeah what else. I was lying but I'm pretty sure that they know it was poop
Then we mixed it and it started looking bad. I closed my nose because it smelt bad, but the dog went and looked at the poop. He KNEW it was a poop everything started being slow motion Tubby pulled his paws out and hit it went towards me my 3 cousins started saying oh no!!!! my other one was this is gonna be fun and I backed up a little and I felled down as I said random words like: hojeeetactuwaraa Kashmm blkack!!! And other one started staring and waiting till the bowl flipped over into my shoes and suddenly everything started moving normal and as Tubby pulled out his paws he smack the bowl and it flipped over towards to my shoes and I said to myself *HOW DID A DOG OUTSMARTED A MASTER PRANKER LIKE MEE!!! .  So all of them just started laughing at me. I was so mad!! That I was like SPARTA I was 
Like a raging volcano and I said to myself I'll never get to prank someone cause all I  wanted to do was something funny, but now I had poop in my shoes!. Dan dan  DANN to be continue will Matthew will make Tubby pay for his crime ... . In my next speech I will be telling you about when


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