Sunday, 15 October 2017

Reflection Art

Sculpture plan)
Hot glue gun 1
Spoon 3
String 1
Fork 2
Knife 1
Image of THE SCULPTURE!!!!


step 1. Bring the stuff that you need to prepare 
step 2.bring your stuff in to school and start doing your work
step 3 put on the first part and try to mix it up together to make a masterpiece
step 4. Pack up and leave no mess where your were working

What is found object?. Found object is an art where you find things at home, and make it into a masterpiece

What did you make: I made a bow and arrow man with a hat and a small boat. Here is picture:

That's the front and 

Here's the back

What was your inspiration?
This was the picture that inspired me

What went well?: was making the bow and arrow and the body with hot glue gun. The one that made me not gave up was Ms Mccabe.

What would you change?!: I would need to bring some tools too blend the spoons and fork and not to borrow someone's items!.

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