Tuesday, 17 October 2017

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In Art Gallery we saw lots of arts and patterns, and in a 
few minutes we went to Margaret Mahy and tried to find the force and arts in that place, and I founded lots of patterns, arts and force. But after we went to find some arts all over the city well not mostly all the city just the rest well we have a reason of walking in the town too it's because we were going to the dance map but when we got there it was( out of order WHICH WAS SO SAD AND DISAPPOINTED )so all of us just played tag.. well that was kinda fun I said kinda because we just walked so far and when we get there it's just nothing well that was a waste of time of walking and stuff. But the rest was awesome.

Image of the Margaret Mahy:

In drama the teacher gave us a paper and it says like catching, racing, running, and other things and so we separated into two groups and whatever says in the paper we have to practice it, and show it in front of the class and they have to guess what we're doing. And after we created our own ending story in the little red riding hood we did that the wolf was to got cornered from a (hunter:Little Red Riding Hood) and the wolf trip over a rock and fell so the little Red Riding Hood shot the wolf and when she cut off the wolf's tummy,, granny was dead because Little Red Riding Hood has a shotgun. So it means when she shot the wolf it went through the wolf's tummy and into granny. After we have to act something that the teachers says, for example a PENGUIN we have to do a penguin act and who ever did the best act will win. I really like when we can create our own thing and we can create our own ending story in the Little Red Riding Hood.

So there were three moves it's was dishwasher, mowing and putting out theclothes from the washing machine and we made up our own moves with those three moves, so we practice and practice and then we got into two groups and we practice and practice again in ten minutes. After we showed off our three moves to everybody else and see what has the better moves well it wasn't actually a competition, it was just for fun. 

Art Calendar Reflection 
In calendar art! I drew a kitchen and a girl standing and reading recipes while she's cooking.

There is a microwave, cabinets, fridge, toaster, blender, bowl, window, sun and a light.

In the fridge there is a meat, milk ketchup, mayonnaise, ice blocks, grapes, banana, apple, fish and others.

Didn't go well was making straight line because I don't have any rulers.

What went well was drawing the kitchen mostly was the fridge because it was so 
hard to make! I had to use a lot of effort to make the fridge.

We had to choose three things and it was Collage, Silhouettes and Tapa Cloths
And I chose Silhouettes because it looks cool and awesome and kinda easy.
♥️The heart of Waimairi School is FUN because without fun the school we’ll be boring, everyone of us needs to stretch out, run around and other fun things, FUN is what we need. It's one of our important thing that we need to have in our brain!. We did this because we want to know the truth of what is the heart it means like what does the heart of Waimairi School actually means.

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