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Plan for science:Crossbow :Materials: popsicle stick milk top lead rubber band Force of the crossbow:pulling, pushing and tension.
Improvements I made: was I didn't gave up and I keep improving my mistakes by making it better and better.. the last thing that I need to do is to make a hole in the side of the lead The struggle was I need to make the hole bigger so the bullet can go through. But when I keep trying to accomplish my work in a few minutes later…. I finally DID IT..well
[blog 3.7.17 wk9] What is working well was my crossbow that I've been working on is almost done. I just need to cut another hole in the side of the milk lead so I can put the popsicle stick in and put the rubber bands and I finished my crossbow and I really wanted to complete it because it's shoots further than the catapult and it's shoots faster, so I can make improvements for my science blog and so I can finish my crossbow.

[blog 23.6.17 wk8]
Pushing and pulling against it for example, the leaves fall down because the gravity is pulling the things into itself
  • Push is hitting something that making it go forward with force
    • Pull is grabbing something back example like tug war you have to pull the rope back towards you to win.
  • Stationary is something that you don't move
    • Gravity draws the object into earth
  • Force is push and pull
I pull the spoon and fling the cotton ball into the air.

I push the the catapult forward.

The cotton ball went up and down into the earth [gravity].

I was steady not even moving [stationary].

I change it by facing it into the air and straight and shooting it cause it will go further. I also changed it by adding more cotton balls and adding weight using rubber bands.

I use my new learning so I can know how does it shoot further and higher.
I am also using my new learning to make a cross bow and a mini bow. Both of these use a pull force like a catapult.

I wonder how is the cotton ball getting more smaller with the rubber bands and I wonder how does it shoots so far by facing it straight and into the air.

It use force because you need to pull it to make it launch into the air and goes down to gravity which is into earth.
I made my catapult with tape, a plastic spoon and a popsicle stick.

[blog 15.6.17 wk7]

What I've done….I did a golf course with Jack and Noah in room 13 because you can make it  many ways and push it  many ways too.

I found out that if you  put the ping pong into high speed while it is in the chair rolling while it's rolling  and it will bounce high at medium speed.

I wonder how does it bounce high if when you do it at the same angle but different objects and I wonder how does it make it into medium speed if it's weight is not that heavy.

[Blog 12.6.17 wk7]
What I've done…. I did catapult and rocket balloon

I got choose 1 and I picked catapults because u can shoot it into many ways and build it into many ways I made it with rubber bands, popsicle sticks and a plastic spoon.

I found out that if you put the catapult up and straight it will be more faster if you put it as far as it can go back it goes far because I had 9meters.

I wonder how can it be that far and I was so surprised when I found that out.

blog 6.7.17 wk 6]
What I've done….

I got to chose between 3 activities this week. They were basketball bounce, chair pulleys and ping pong ramps.
I chose to do ping pong ramps because you can do many ways to make a ping pong ramp.
I made my ramp in the room 12 shelves with Niko. We used books, highlighters, piece of woods and a can .

What I've found out….

I found out that You can roll the ping pong ball into the ramp with medium speed and if it hits the ramp it will bounce far. I found out that if you put some highlighters in the edges it will be like a barrier for the for the ping pong ball so it can hit the highlighters but it cannot get out. The highlighter that got placed in edges and it was successful! :D.

I wonder how can it bounce by making the ping pong ball in medium speed towards the ramp, and I wonder how can a small long highlighter can be like a barrier for the ping pong ramp.

[Science blog 1.6.17 term 2] Week 5
What I've done….In science I did chair pulley, ping pong ramp and basketball bounce.

What I found out….that the weight of the ping pong pulls it down, and I found out that you use force to basketball and it has gravity and the chair pulley needs to have a exact same balance so it can stand straight.

What I wonder…. is the gravity pulls the basketball down in the earth and it bounces because it have some carbon dioxide inside the ball so it pulls up and the gravity pulls it down into the earth, I wonder why the weight of the ping pong ball  pulls it down into the ground like what I said in the basketball, I wonder why you need to be steady so you can make it straight in chair pulley.

[Science blog 25.5.17 term 2] Week 4
What i’ve done…. In science I did tug war,rocket balloon and catapults
What I found out….I found out that you can make catapults, with a rubber, popsicle stick and a tape… it launches the cotton ball into the air and make it land into the target that you're trying to hit and if you make a catapult facing up and straight it will go more  further out if u face it straight it will be fast but not far
I found out that making a rocket balloon is a challenging one and needs a lot more effort….it release the air and make it push the balloon until it's out of air inside the balloon
I found out that winning a tug war needs some more teamwork, strength , grip harder and a lot more effort….girl are not strong but good at teamwork but boys are strong but keeps conversation while in the middle of a game
What I wonder….I wonder why does a simple catapult only needs a rubber, popsicle stick and a tape….and why if it facing up it makes it more further and if it is straight it will make it more faster
I wonder why the air pushes the balloon in the mid air….and why does the air make the balloon go fast.

I wonder why tug of war is so challenging to win 1 point….and needs a lot more strength and teamwork and why does boys are more stronger than girls

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