Wednesday, 14 June 2017


High ropes experience 
At Wainui camp, we did high ropes, it  was the scariest activity in camp.

I felt nervous that I'm about to have an heart attack. My heart was beating fast,I can hear it inside. 

I took 3 steps in the ladder and it started shaking like there's a big earthquake in the ground. I was sweating like in a boiling of hot lava. My eyes keep looking down and zooming as I walk through, It was so high and it looks different from on top of here. I see people waving and the bright sun was flashing into my eyes. I climb up the ladder and I was so frightened with fear, I shouted to them to put me down. 

As I go down Niko swung me like a wrecking ball, I got so frightened that I screamed so loud.”HELPPP IM GONNA DIEE!!!” Ben rushed over and helped me to put me down safely and clear. 

When it was all over, I was puffing tired and exhausted I wish I'll never do that again. When I was sleeping I dreamt something about “high ropes!” Again uh oh.

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