Thursday, 11 May 2017


Clothing (Scarf)
I have been worn mostly in winter.  I keep my owner’s neck warm and cozy. I am made out of wool that got knitted lovingly by The king handsomely strong chosen one “drum roll” Matthew!!!.

 I have a calming affect on my owner and I kept  him warm.
He wears me althrough winter so he would not freeze to death.

I'm blue, cozy and long. I love helping my owner stay warm around his neck, I make him comfortable and cozy because I want him to be proud of me and love me.

 I love my owner because he's been a good owner and he cares for me ever since we came together.

I am so happy like a delightful blanket, I'm so lucky my owner loves me and cares about me.

In my writing I have use wow words like: cozy calming delightful comfortable 

My next step is to…  work on creating a impact on my readers

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