Thursday, 1 December 2016

Bean report

Report for my bean.          

 Last term kiri give us a bean so we can observe the bean that kiri           gave us. Kiri say that pretend this is your baby and that I need to take care of the bean and always put some water and heat it over the window. So The bean can grow like a kid does.

Firstly) Kiri gave us a bean that we need to take care.

Secondly)Kiri give us a plastic bag and a tissue so we can put the bean on the plastic bag.

Thirdly)We put the bean on the window so it can heat a little and so it can grow a little and we put some water aswell every single day.

Fourthly)We observe the bean because we wanna know what happened to our bean.

I think it will grow faster because I put much water
And I think it will show roots. Because it has a hole in the middle of my bean.

I learnt that you don't need a soil for the bean to grown up
And I learnt that how to observe a bean. 

That if there is a hole it means it's starting to grow
I put water  every single day.
I put it in the sunlight so it can heat.
If you put it in the sunlight and with a tissue the bean will bec omfortable.
After all of that I need to observe my bean of what happened.

Date September 21 2016
Inference-died on August 20 2016
Evidence-that there's no leaf
Anything else-it died and cut into pieces

Next year I will put my bean on the
 sunlight. And every single day I will 
water it one time and heat it in the 
sunlight so it can grow much nicer.

In Next year I will...

1.Kiri gave us a bean so we can observe the bean that Kiri gave us.

2.We put the bean on the bag or the petri dish and put a tissue on them so it can grow inside the Petri dish and the plastic bag.

3. We place the bean near the sunlight in the window so it can heat a little and grow a little.

4.We water it each day so it can grow in the Petri dish and in the plastic bag so the inside the bean can come out and show plants.

5. Some of the bean has a little hole in the middle of the bean. And if there's a hole in the bean it means that's where the plants gonna came out.

6.if you had no space for your bean and the bean has grow plants it means you need to plant it in the planter box so it can now grow many times a day or a week and a lot more space

9/8/16 My bean is 14mm the colour of it is white and the texture is smooth the shape of my bean is oval and no leaf and no anything else on my bean.

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