Thursday, 13 October 2016


Holiday ABC

A bee find a way to go through our house.

Beached in the hot weather and ate cold ice cream.

Called my cousin from Philippines country.

Doing try not to laugh with my cousin.

Eating a ice cream on the party.

Feeding the doves in the restaurant outside.

Going to the park. 

Helping washing the dishes with my mom.

I went to my tita’s party.

Joking with my cousin. 

Kicking the football on the field.

Lollys from mom.

My cousin and me play lego.

Niko and me play roblox.

Origami puppet.

Playing tablet with my cousin.

Quite spy my brother and my cousin

Riding a balloon dinosaur on the Jelly Park.

Swim in the Jelly Park.

Talked to Niko about Football

Using my hand to swim.

Visiting my uncle’s party.

Watching TV at home.

X Men Full movie.

Yoshi from the Mario Game.

Zombie game.

1 comment:

  1. Great effort Mathew,
    But maybe next time cheak the how the sentence is written