Monday, 5 September 2016

Discovery Time Reflection T3 8

Discovery Time Reflection T3

Today at Discovery Time I played with Niko,Jack,Oliver tweedy and me. me and my friends has nothing to do but Oliver tweedy decided to make a competition. And Oliver tweedy said that let's make a competition that who got the strongest Pokemon, so we timed it and if the timers done the timer will check if it is strong,
 and the timer will score the Pokemon, and the highest score is gonna be the winner. After that I did a colouring competition, but  I was so bad at colouring because I'm only good at drawing not colouring. So when I'm finished I drew on my sketchbook but I have no idea what should I draw so I just drew a ancient Anubis it is looking bad because I did not colour it.

My struggle is that I don't know what to do and hard to figure it out what am I gonna do in discovery time.

The person that I stood out is Fiona because she told me that I'm not aloud to play a game in the Safari because we are in the school.

My goal for next Discovery time I will bring my sketching book so I can sketch at discovery time.

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