Monday, 16 May 2016

Discovery time 5 basket ball & cricket

At discovery time
We play cricket and basketball at discovery time. my first game was cricket I play with Oliver t we have some fun playing cricket.and when we are playing sharnika just join with us Oliver t teach sharnika how to play.Discovery time reflection
At discovery time we play cricket with Oliver t. and when we are playing sharnika just come to us and join in a few minutes. I get a turn batting and no one can beat me because I'm doing well. when it's sharnika turn I beat her
In two hit when we are finish. we go to sharnika club it's basketball time. Oliver t got 10 shoots sharnika got 4 shots I got 8 shots &
I keep doing it so I got 10 shoots as well like Oliver t. and it's my favourite discovery time :)  .              
My strategies is to listen to instructions and practicing.

  The role I played is to listen to instruction.

My strategies is to struggle and practise

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