Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Discovery Time Kendo

Discovery time
At the discovery time I join to kendo jack teach us how to play it.sword fights is really cool that's my Favorite.the role I played is to practise and listen to instruction this is my first best discovery time. and when jack says you can play in three minutes, me and Sean played a real sword fight and when we are fighting I won he is like slipped in my sword Sean and me is like laughing and when Sanjive came and just play with us and Sanjive. is a little bit good in kendo and jack says what about if we make a video of kendo vs taekwondo the kendo is Sanjive and I'm the taekwondo Sanjive keep hitting me in the's a little it hurt but when he hit me at my feet I slipped and won the first round and in the last round I won and in a few seconds it's packing up time and we have a super good discovery time.


  1. Sometimes you have capitals in the wrong place and sometimes you forget them.